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About the MNYI

The Minnesota Youth Institute (MNYI) challenges high school students to solve local and global food security issues by connecting agriculture, science, health, economics, policy, social justice, and more. MNYI is an interactive half-day program hosted on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. High school students from across the state will participate in immersive experiences while having the opportunity to network with research and industry leaders, plus gain hands-on exposure in a variety of fields. Participation earns eligibility for a $1,000 CFANS scholarship, internships & fellowships with the USDA and research centers around the world, a chance to represent Minnesota at the Global Youth Institute, and more! Learn more here. 


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How to Participate

Research a global food security issue and submit a short paper with ideas and solutions. Then come onto the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences's campus at the University of Minnesota for an immersive, interdisciplinary experience! 

Food & Water Matters - Test Your Knowledge

Food & Water Matters - Test Your Knowledge

How well do you know food systems, the world's countries, global population, and more? artwork by Cornelia Li. 

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