Borlaug Scholars 

See what other students have researched in the past, connect with each other, and join our alumni network on LinkedIn at Minnesota Youth Institute! *not all Borlaug Scholars chose to submit a bio*

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Share the MNYI! 

Alumni are welcome to share any documents released by the MNYI to promote the event, such as the flyer (great for newsletters!) and Global Challenge Packet. Use the MNYI 2022 Media Kit to find formatted blurbs, important links, and photos to begin spreading the word! 

Volunteer with the MNYI! 

Please complete this form if you would like to support students and this opportunity. There are options to help out before the event, during the event, or contribute funding. More details are provided in the sign-up form. 

Alumni experiences after MNYI participation 

Check back soon to hear about alumni's experiences after participating in the MNYI, and the amazing opportunities and journeys they took!